b. 1985, Birmingham, AL, USA
    Turner Williams Jr. is an artist, illustrator, & musician.

He lives & works in Marseille, France.

    A lifelong draughtsman, Turner is highly skilled in detailed, photorealistic rendering as well as more experimental approaches to image-making. His recent illustrations focus on pencils, inks, & watercolors, but he always loves a new challenge. He has produced album artwork for record labels like Thrill Jockey, Feeding Tube, & threelobed & created portraits for dozens of clients. He is available for commissions.

    Illustrative drawing also informs Turner’s art & music. His practice is the push/pull of making/erasing gesture, intuitive, linear accumulation & subtraction, destroying & building surface & form. He is always drawing: drawing with material, drawing with paint, drawing with sound. His images are objects that drift between drawing, painting, printmaking, & collage with a running sonic commentary. His improvisations & recordings play the same embroidered space with density & detail. Form is swallowed up by the ebb & flow of form.

    Making & observing become meditations on the soft border between representation & abstraction. This is the alchemically fecund space we experience everyday in the forms of overload, redaction, palimpsests, automatism, intuition, etc. Turner uses embellishment, grotesquerie, & chimeric assemblage uncover pathways to ecstatic reflection. Turner’s work describes such confused zones with collapsing perspective.

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