• Subject refers to a single house, person, or pet. I can illustrate commissions of multiple subjects for additional fees.

A house will be illustrated with some surrounding landscape. A portrait may have little or no surrounding landscape or background imagery      

My templates show my techniques. Use them as a vocabulary to explain how your illustration should look.

My templates are combinations of materials that I find successful and efficient. If the client prefers something else, the matter is open for discussion. Depending on the labor required, some requests might lead to additional fees.

In templates mixing two materials, the first material composes the majority of the illustration. The second material is used for subtle accent. For example, the template called “Inkwash w/ Pen” is mostly an inkwash painting with black ink pen adding some clear, structural lines. The reverse, “Crosshatched Pen w/ Inkwash,” is a detailed illustration in black ink pen with subtle inkwash underneath.

Some Template Terms:
Cross-hatching - the use of fine parallel lines to create the illusion of shade and texture, used with both pencil and pen
Stippling - a technique that uses small dots to create the illusion of shade and texture, like pointilism for a pen
Inkwash - a hybrid of inking and painting done with a brush instead of a pen. Black ink mixed with water to produce an effect like monochromatic watercolor painting.


Please gather and send all relevant reference photos with your initial commission. Too much is better than too little.

• Photos sent after I begin your  illustration may not be used. No guarantees.

Primary photo:
One photo should show the subject roughly as the client would like for it to appear in the illustration. I will use this photo to build my illustration. It does not need to be perfect, but it should give me a good idea of what you’d like. I have a good imagination but I cannot read your mind!

This photo should show the general form of the subject. The entire subject should be visible. Basic details and proportions should be clear.

For houses, I recommend photographing in full sun when shadows are less intense.

• For portraits, take photos directly facing the subject (“eye-level”) and with enough distance to capture everything. Avoid aiming the camera down or up at subject. Extreme angles will distort the subject. For example, a portrait photo taken just above a person will make their forehead look big. Of course, the same angle might look great for your dog or cat.

I recommend taking many photos and then editing until you find the desired composition/perspective.

Additional photos:
Additional photos can add clarity, improved lighting, and details not seen in primary photo. Extra photos can also provide details that a client wishes to insert into the commission. For example, you can add landscape details like bushes or trees that had been cut when the primary photo was taken.

• Resolution refers to the amount of information contained in the digital photo. When you send your reference photos, always send them in the highest resolution possible.

When emailing photos, you may be asked what size to send. Always send me the largest size possible. Depending on the photo size, you may need to email the photos individually.


All commissions produced on acid-free paper with archival materials. I will consider working other materials at the client’s request and expense.


After confirming your commission, send me your shipping address, relevant contact information, and special delivery instructions to insure that the illustration can be shipped promptly upon completion.

• Signature Confirmation required on all shipped commissions.

• Commissions are expertly packed in plastic and cardboard for full protection in transit. 

Shipping & handling costs $30 and takes approximately two weeks.

• Shipped to the USA via La Poste (French postal service) which corresponds to the US Postal Service.

• Extra is insurance available on request at the Client’s expense.

• The commission’s tracking number will be sent to Client promptly after shipping. The client is responsible for tracking their package. While the package is still in France, track it HERE. After the package reaches the USA, the same tracking number should be used HERE to track the final stages of shipment.


I will email you a scan completed commission prior to shipping.

Paypal preferred but contact me for alternate payment options.  

• Electronic payment required within 24 hours of commission’s delivery to Client.